Twenty years ago, I had the opportunity to relocate to Europe  when my husband’s firm transferred him from NYC to Europe.  I resigned my corporate position and, with our young daughter in tow, made the move. 

I adored the European apothecaries with their endless assortment of sublime and affordable skincare products.  Beautiful blends that combined powerful botanical extracts with naturally derived technology  appealed to me in their simplicity and performance.  I am not a fan of complex skincare systems or  regimens.  I generally  search for  individual products that wow me with performance and ease of use.  Four years later we returned to New York City and I started work in cosmetics product development and branding.

Now, with the launch of Nintu Skin, we are celebrating skincare that is beautifully formulated, uncomplicated, and affordable. This philosophy defines our approach to product creation and our strong beauty industry background, including working alongside remarkable cosmetic chemists, provides the unique Nintu Skin perspective.  

Creation begins as soon as we identify a specific skincare need .  We chase the best science and the best performing botanical actives to answer the challenge.  Each ingredient we use is responsibly and sustainably sourced and selected for the proven ability to deliver healthy radiant skin.   No fillers or chemicals that could harm  people or the environment. 

We create skincare products that work. Uncomplicated.  Uncompromising.  Each product we launch has a reason to exist in a world of abundant choice.

Maria +  Richard